Friday, 28 August 2009

more pictures of sitting room

close-up of the 2 shelves with re-ment and reuters accessories!

shelving units inspired design :-)

I re-designed a sitting room around a set of 2 elc shelving units, I got on ebay! :-)

Re-ment Tea sets/ Tableware collection

Re-ment Tea sets
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Puchi petite Tableware collection.

I bought 2 sets from this collection,
#10 Old Fashion tableware and #13 Clear apple set!
I was going to buy the full boxed set of 13, but I haven't found one in a sealed box, yet :)

I placed them on a dolls house emporium shelf, I really like the glasses on the 4th shelf, they have a picture of bambi and thumper from disney?! and come in 6 beautiful colours!
The clear apple set is my favourite in the collection, too cute!

a garden shed


I thought I'd make a shed for my friends birthday, this sunday.

I used brick wall paper to cover the outside and silver spray paint for the roof, I added all the accessories mostly ebay, and local dolls shop finds, some handmade :-) the radio is lil' bratz!

The finished shed :-)

I made sure to make it messy and 'lived in' including some split paint on the floor as an added touch!

my lundby kitchen - a work in progress :-)

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Thursday, 27 August 2009

Mixed lot of single sets of re-ments

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Re-ment Daily Living House-hold items

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Re-ment Megahouse Pop'N Kitchen

A day in the life of a re-ment addict :-)

my pop'n kitchen megahouse re-ment box has arrived! I tried really hard to leave it in the box! I opened the large box and took out the small boxes! then I couldn't help myself I had to open the small boxes to see all the cute little bits and then I put them back in the boxes and into the large box... a very enjoyable half an hour of my day! after which I relaxed with a cup of tea! lol!

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Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Vintage Lundby Dolls House / Basement :-)

It arrived today! yeah,

I bought this lundby house a couple of weeks ago! and it came today :-) I have taken pictures of it and I am going to clean and decorate it! exciting time! I had been collecting furniture for it in anticipation of its arrival

Monday, 17 August 2009

Office memories :-)

I recently got an ikea expedit shelf made by "Annina" (it is the brown shelving unit at the back)and I wanted to create an office, in a room in my doll house formally known as "the junk room". After relocating all the forgotten items, I made an office that was imspired by 2 places I'd worked at.. and I took the 2 best parts! I used re-ment from the beauty storage furniture set and the girls in the city set.

Saturday, 15 August 2009

Beautiful structure!

Summer holidays!

I took the children to the V&A - Museum of childhood! as they looked at the different games and toys I was itching to drag them to the home section which houses the musuems doll house collection, I had been there once with a friend, and enjoyed it, especially seeing how the dolls houses were designed and built to reflect the life, and the people at that time.
I got to see a triang house which I liked, because of its windows and cubic design.

This time I wanted to see a specific house the kaleidoscope house!, as I had been doing some research on it. I tried not to rush the children as they were having so much fun. when we climbed the stairs to the home section, there was a small "Roald Dahl" exhibition which I made sure they enjoyed at "flying speed" lol! and then in awe as we turned a corner, I spotted this awesome house

The plaque read "Shroeder house..."? I didn't have my camera just my phone so I took the pictures below!

I love it! and I want one just like it!

In the same display case as the Shroeder house and the triang house was the house I had gone to see..... the kaleidoscope house... beautiful!

I have always loved seeing pictures and blogs of the Kaleidoscope house and it is one of my favourite houses, and I'd love to own one, but for now this is the closest I have been to one :)