Thursday, 31 December 2009

New Year! New Ideas! :-)

I have always dreamed of having a modern kitchen or making one, but due to my limited DIY skills I never tried :(
A couple of days ago I decided to give it another go as I really like my Miele appliances but I never seem to find any kitchen units that are similar in height to them. I bought 2 sheets of 5mm black acrylic/acetate, and set about asking hubby to cut an L-shape for a counter top/work surface. I had grand ideas about making individual opening doors for each unit, well this is the finished product :-)
what do you think?

The appliances are Miele's mini world, accessories are re-ment, the vases are beads :-)

(did you spot that there is no sink ;-) ..) still trying to figure out how to make one haha!

This has been a lovely year, I got to know so much about miniatures, become addicted to re-ment and tried my hands at DIY. I also got to know a whole new world of miniatures and so many lovely people with a shared interest! its been lovely!
Happy New year! and Thank you xx
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Friday, 18 December 2009

New project - Merry Christmas :-)

1, 2, 3 Waterside Way House from Dolls house emporium

Christmas is here! and I thought I'd start a new project!

I had bought a house from DHE some months ago and talked about it in a previous post. I had planned to build it soon, but after unpacking it I was a bit nervous so I packed it up and decided to build it after I move house! having waited for a couple of months and the house move now on hold I brought out the box and had a go at building it.
A couple of days later, and a few hair-pulling moments! I have put the house together apart from the railings on the balconies!
Fixing the spiral staircase has got to be the most tricky of all :-)
In this hobby you get inspired by so many great people and you develop so many new skills! if someone had asked me about DIY or if I was handy with tools? a year ago, I would have fallen down laughing! but here I am with a drill in my hands drilling a 1.5mm hole in the door of this house! how cool is that! ;-)

The lovely thing is, amidst all the rush of Christmas, knowing I could come home and finish putting together this house has been very calming for me, I walk in and immediately get stuck into gluing, drilling, hitting! .... brilliant :-)

As I put the finishing touches I'll post more pictures :-)

Friday, 4 December 2009

bathroom :-)

bathroom :-)
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a modern bathroom showcasing my lovely sink/vanity from pinchofpepper :-D

phase 2

picture shows the bathroom on top of the living room

Not long ago I started building a dolls house and got as far as making 2 boxes/rooms :-) the first one I had completed as a living room, and talked about it in a previous blog called first time for everything

I have done the 2nd room as a bathroom :-)

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

spur of the moment :)

I was looking through the "Argos Home Catalogue" and found this picture.

I really like the light fittings/lamp shade, and decided to try making one for my dolls house in 1:12 scale.
I did and got carried away and so I made a table and some seats and went on to create a pseudo-oriental room :)

Light fitting fixed in the room:)

accessories are re-ment, and eBay finds
the table lamp I fashioned (love using that word) from a bratz bottle :)

Saturday, 21 November 2009

first time for everything :-)

I have always dreamed of building my own modern dolls house, something that would be reflective of a real house with rooms in depth and many internal walls and connecting doors, and nooks and crannies, with surprises under the stairs :-)

I went to my local woodworking shop and bought a large strip of plywood and got them to cut it into specified pieces.

I was so optimistic as I went home with my pieces of wood, some sand paper and instructions on protecting myself from sawdust!

I made myself a cup of tea all the while casting side glances at the bag. I cleared an area and brought out the pieces and my previously drawn plans..... then I started sanding and preparing the wood pieces for gluing, I was a builder-in-the-making!

After about an hour, I had sanded, prepped and glued the sides to make my first.....drumroll...... 2 rooms! yes I was excited! I had to wait for a couple of hours for it to dry and then I sanded and painted them, yeah!

and yes! I'm still dreaming of building my house lol!

I have wallpapered and decorated one of them, the last picture shows the 2nd one undecorated, what do you think :-)

Saturday, 14 November 2009

a small mini production :)

My 2 boys are crazy about Lego, a couple of months ago we were looking at pictures of racing cars (their other passion), that had been built using Lego and we came across Pubdolls Lego house. They were amazed that it was Lego.

Inspired by Pubdoll they started building houses in Lego, and encouraged by Mini Dork , I am posting pictures of a Lego house made by my 7 year old. He loved looking at pictures of Pubdolls Lego houses and decided to build a "tiny mini dolls house" (his words) he has made a balcony on the back too :-) which is his own version of her houses' balcony, that he liked ;-)

He wanted to make a bigger house but ran out of white bricks so he made it smaller :-)

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Tuesday, 10 November 2009

first flat?

inspired by the first flat I lived in :-) I wish I had a unit just like this one!

can you have too many part 2

In a previous blog Can you have too many" the girls could not agree on the amount of accessories to have in the bathroom, so Angie has sorted the problem, by putting in new storage and rearranging everything :-)

rearranging in the lundby!

I had a recent cleaning and sorting session, and decided to look through all the lundby stuff I had acquired. I wanted to make sure I displayed my favourite bits in the house, this involved rearranging some rooms and this is the result :-)

I got the orange stripy armchair broken, without a base in a job lot and I decided to make a silver base for it, using a bratz plastic chair base and some foil insulation tape, seems ok :-)

I would like to retain the original wallpaper, but because of the watermarks, I may have to put up new wallpaper or maybe paint it :(

Monday, 9 November 2009


I bought this dining set for my lundby kitchen, but it seems a bit big, was advertised as lundby but I'm not certain who the maker is I love its rich wood and white colours and the contoured shape of the chairs.

Sunday, 1 November 2009


I was looking through some old pictures, and I came across pictures of my 1st dolls house. I was really surprised at how much has changed in the past year!

My first house for my dolls was a 3 storey victorian style house built from a kit. My other half helped me build the structure and left me to do the exciting bit, which was the painting and decorating. I had such fun picking items for it, although I longed for modern items I couldn't find any!

Monday, 26 October 2009

Chilled! introducing le corbusier! de sofa :-)

I wanted to use my new sofa in a scene and I had 2 kitchen stools that had the same chrome effect! so I put them together! I really like the cute yellow telephone, which is a vintage Lundby/Caroline's home phone.

I have used a mixture of furniture from different scales!

the cute pink and red bag is bratz,
the accessories are re-ment, handmade, and eBay finds :-)
The shelving unit is streets ahead!

Friday, 23 October 2009

making a bold "colour" statement

Inspired by a "pack of tissues" ;-)

I bought a cute pack of pocket tissues from Ikea, and as i took one out of the pack, it looked too cute to use, with lovely bold coloured stripes so I thought hmmm what if it could be used for something else, where its beauty can be admired,
... and here it is, what do you think? :-)

I used it as a rug :-) , its a small rug folded in the first picture, then I opened it out for a carpet effect!
I love the colours!

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Its arrived!

Parcels arrive......

crazy woman tears off wrapping/packaging! ignoring pretty stamps :-)

excitement mounts at spotting miniature design collection box!
box opened!
and it reveals "Le Corbusier" double sofa/chair! Yes! (screaming with glee, and hands raised in the air, temporary craziness and excitement) it is everything I hoped it would be

gently bring out "the masterpiece" and gaze at it intently! while plotting all the different ways it can be used....hmmmmm!
quickly pack it up! :-)